Dr. Aldijana Soljic from BiH is one of the leading Urologists in the USA

Aldijana SOljicAldijana Soljic left the besieged Sarajevo 23 years ago and went to the USA as a refugee. This young Bosnian is one of the leading urologists in the world today, and she is working in prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital.

Aldijana arrived in America in 1994 as a 17-year-old girl with two years younger brother Semir. Their parents stayed in besieged Sarajevo and they knew nothing about them in the first few months.

“My nationality is Bosnian. My religion is the VCR and MTV,” said Aldijana after her arrival as a teenager in the USA, and the journalist was surprised with her answer and stated that “she is surprisingly liberated from hate”.

The first year of her refugee life in the USA was marked by the joy of reunification with her parents, and the tragedy – her father suffered serious injuries after falling from the roof of their house, after which he died.

Aldijana says that in these moments, as she stood next to her father’s hospital bed, she firmly decided to become a doctor. Hospital staff that was taking care of her father when he was dying, and providing comfort to Aldijana and her family at the same time, left a huge impression on her so that she firmly decided which path she wants to take.

She completed her medical studies at the University of Temple, and after completion of her residency in Miami, she came to the Massachusetts General Hospital. She remained there until today, and three years ago, that hospital appointed her as their chief urologist.

Her American colleagues have nothing but praise for Aldijana’s professionalism and relationship towards patients and they noted that she is one of the world’s leading experts in this field of medicine. Speaking about why she decided to specialize urology, Aldijana noted:

“It was a branch of medicine that completely fascinated me. Urology is high surgical and high-tech field that balances so many aspects of medicine. Urological diseases can affect young and old persons, both men and women. That is also an area that requires a very personal relationship with patients,” concluded Soljic.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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