2 million BAM worth Annual Overhaul of TPP Stanari completed

Thermal Power Plant Stanari is operating in a regular manner again after successful annual overhaul, which was completed before the deadline and its value amounted to about 2 million BAM.

“We can expect a stable and continuous operation of TPP Stanari due to the overhaul, and it will enable the realization of planned annual production of 2.025,000 Mwh of electric energy,” as noted from the company EFT.

From the EFT was also noted that companies and the labour force from BiH were engaged where possible during the overhaul, and thus “EFT-Rudnik and TPP Stanari” remained committed to supporting the development of this region.

The main activities were conducted on the boiler and turbogeneration plant with which, besides ensuring reliable work in the upcoming period, the main focus was on improving and maintaining the energy efficiency and ensuring the conditions for continuing the application of the most recent technologies from the field of ecology.

By following the best available safety practices, the overhaul of TPP Stanari took place without anyone being hurt during the implemented works.

More than 150 workers were engaged in the process of overhaul, and they mostly came from the following companies: “Termoelektro” Brcko, “Mont-r” Belgrade, “Feromont” Belgrade, “ZRE” Katovice, “Layher” Belgrade, “Tipo kotlogradnja” Prijedor, etc.







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