200 tons of Arix Tenzo produced in a Month

arixOne month passed since detergent Arix Tenzo got on the shelves of B&H retail chain Bingo. A total of 200 tons of Tenzo was produced so far, and the last 60 tons of detergent were distributed in other retail chains all across the country.

“We’ve been working in shifts of 12 hours a day in order to produce sufficient amounts for all of those who are interested, and we produced 60 tons last week. Albanians with whom we have worked before announced their visit, after which we expect to sign a contract for exports to Albania,” said Dzevad Mehmedovic, the President of the labor union “Dita” Tuzla.
We asked him to comment on the market price of Tenzo, which, according to customers, is higher than expected.

“Its factory price is 7.25 BAM, and we cannot reduce it because everything is more expensive now, from packaging to raw materials. However, its quality justifies the price, because according to our laboratory research, there is no detergent on our market with the same price that is considered to be better, nor the same quality as our Ida, and Ida was detergent of much lower quality than Arix, since it was made for customers with lower income,” said Mehmedovic.

He also claims that Tenzo was on testing on the Institute of Novi Sad, where technicians were positively surprised by its quality. Anyways, Arix Tenzo will be available to everyone in whole B&H through a number of different retailers.

(Source: akta)

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