How much are Citizens of B&H spending on Food?

mapFor the weekly grocery shopping for a family of four in countries of the region, citizens should allocate from 14.41 % to 39.19 % of the average weekly salary, according to the research company MoveHub, which is specialized in providing information on the most popular destinations for relocation.

Local prices of the same foodstuffs for each country, such as bread, rice, fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products, were processed and then these costs were compared with average salaries in these countries.

Research of MoveHub on the costs of foodstuffs included 122 countries.
Citizens of B&H for foodstuff should allocate 39.19 % of the average salary, while citizens of Macedonia have to allocate 20.78 %. According to these allocations, B&H is in rank with Namibia, Pakistan, Albania and Indonesia.

When it comes to our neighbors, citizens of Serbia allocate 31.36 % of weekly salary for foodstuff, and 27.28 % in Montenegro. Montenegro is ranked on the 44th place, while Serbia is on the 38th place on the global list.

Croatia, with a total of 18.53 % is in par with Argentina, Chile, Japan, Uruguay and Venezuela. Looking at all the members of the European Union, only citizens of Bulgaria and Slovakia must allocate higher percentage of salary for the food than Croatians.

(Source: akta.ba)

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