2,000 New Workplaces by Exploiting Biomass

biomassIn 2013, the Council of Ministers adopted Low Carbon strategy of B&H, but its application in the field has not yet begun and little is known about it, says Azrudin Husika, the energy expert and lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo.

Husika explains that this is a strategic document in the field of energy which involves the implementation of projects that result in a reduction of carbon dioxide.

“The primary goal is to increase employment, the sustainability of the energy sector in B&H through the use of the potential of biomass and other renewable energy sources such as small, solar power plants”, explains Husika, warning that the later we turn to low carbon energy, the costs will be bigger and bigger.

Additionally, he believes that the strategy has had little impact in the professional community as well, although its application and exploitation in the field of biomass would give the opportunity of creating over 2 000 workplaces in the next five years, while three to four times more people would be employed indirectly.

He considers that it is necessary to reduce the share of carbon energy because of long-term competitiveness, better security of supply, and in this way the energy system would be in function of local development, and enable the effective and efficient use of energy while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and polluting materials.

(Source: photo kyivpost)

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