20,000 Isolation Decisions issued in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Bosnian Ministry of Security has published a daily report from police agencies on activities taken to prevent the spread of coronaviruses.

The table provided contains data from police agencies on the number of controlled persons determining isolation and on the number of issued misdemeanor warrants for failure to comply with the decisions of competent inspections, as well as data from the Border Police on the number of entries and exits of persons at border crossings, Avaz news portal reports.

According to the submitted data, 11,487 isolation decisions were issued in Republika Srpska entity and 368 controls were performed, a total of 82 people did not obey by the restraining orders, two people were not found at the address, and sanctions were imposed for 82 people.

When it comes to the Federation of BiH entity, the highest number of isolation decisions were issued in Tuzla (4,826) and Zenica-Doboj Canton (3,884).



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