2,1 Million Dollars for the Development of Region Birač

Yuri_Afanasiev_040712The Ambassador of the Netherlands to B&H Jurian Krak and the Residential Coordinator of the UN to B&H Juri Afanasijev signed an agreement in Sarajevo worth 2,1 million dollars for a project that would allow for the creation of local partnerships for the sustainable and socially inclusive development of the region of Birač.

The Dutch government has approved more than 22 million euros since 2005 to support the Srebrenica Regional Recovery Program, which was realized by UNDP in municipalities Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milići.

In partnership with UNDP, UNICEF and UNHCR, the new project will help these three municipalities, as well as Vlasenica and Zvornik in establishing a coordinating mechanism that would determine common development priorities, announced UNDP.

(Source: klix.ba)

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