25 Years of Work to give Bosnians a Status of National Minority in Austria


The Bosnian Academic Society in Austria marks a quarter of a century this year.  Thanks, first and foremost, to the energy of the current president and one of the founding members, Siraj Duhan and his obsessive struggle for the status of Bosnians in Austria, this association, as well as when it was formed, is actively pursuing the ultimate goal of society – to give Bosnians national minority status in Austria.

In the same year that the society was founded, great success was achieved, which is recognition of the Bosnian language in this country.

Ever since the Bosnian language has been recognized in this country, today’s society president, Siraj Duhan, has been tirelessly fighting for Bosnians to gain national minority status.

Ruzica Cubela, an anthropologist and politician, has been interested in migrant life in Austria all her life.  She, along with two other Bosnians, as a candidate for the left-wing Jetzt Party in the 2019 Austrian parliamentary elections in the official election program, as well as on posters, made a request for recognition of the Bosnian minority.

Orhan Maglajlic is a law and political science student, and has been a member of society recently.

A longtime employee, today among the executives of the renowned Schindler Group, Tobacco recalls learning in 1993 that a sixth national minority, Sinti and Roma, was recognized in Austria. He then wondered why Bosnians were not recognized and with that question went to the Austrian government, Oslobodenje news portal reports.


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