3 278 908 Citizens have Right to Vote on the Election

electionsThe BiH Central Election Commission has passed the Decision on announcing and conducting the 2014 General Elections in BiH.  The General Elections will be held on Sunday, October 12, 2014 for:

Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina,

House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly,

House of Representatives of the BiH Federation Parliament,

National Assembly of Republika Srpska,

President and Vice presidents of Republika Srpska, and

Cantonal Assemblies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The BiH Central Election Commission also adopted the Instruction on deadlines and sequence of election activities that defines in detail all deadlines and all election activities important for the participants in the election process.

The right to vote in this year’s general elections in BiH, which will be held on October 12, has 3,278,908 citizens. Of that number, 2,037,076 voters were registered in the Federation and 1,241,832 in the entity of the Republic of Serbian. Data  from this statement were announced in the Central Voters Register.


(Source: Izbori)

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