A Veteran and his three little Children to get a new Home!

12746031_1108726902511598_950389574_nDemobilized fighter Vedad Čandić and his three minor children, who have been living in conditions below human dignity in a covered basement in the settlement Gornji Rahić near Brčko, are to get a new home soon.

Thanks to a prompt action, first launched by the people of Gornji Rahić and then supported by many other good people, the house has been covered these days. In a little less than a month, this house has been built on the foundations of the basement in which Čandići have been living.

“We have launched the action, but the people from Radio “Preporod” from Odžak and the Association of BiH National Team Fans “Zmajevi Posavine” from Odžak joined us soon. They raised great amount of funds. We agreed that they will built the house while they have funds, and then we will continue,” said Hamid Haskić from Gornji Rahić, leader of the action for the Čandić family.

Vedad’s wife left him and the children four years ago. This unemployed demobilized fighter tried to provide for his family in every possible way. Unfortunately, the children spent their childhood in unsuitable premises where they did not even have a bathroom. They have been doing their homework in an improvised house, covered with nylon and roof tiles.

Čandić applied for funds for a construction of a residential facility from the relevant bodies in Brlko. His name has been on the lists for years, but allegedly he did not have enough points to get funds.

(Source: factor.ba)

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