Aldin Šetkić won a Tournament in Germany

Aldin Šetkić Tennis Victory oslobodjenje.baIn a strenuous match which lasted for more than three hours, the BH tennis player Aldin Šetkić defeated the German Kevin Krawiets and won the ITF tournament in Ismaning.

Šetkić made a great turnover and managed to reach the title of the $10,000 worth tournament. The first set went to Krawiets, making it 7:6 for the German.

In the second set as well, Krawiets had 5:3, and later 6:5 also, but Šetkić managed to recover and win the set with 7:6.

Šetkić started the third set furiously and took the lead with 5:1. Krawiets returned to 5:3 but he could not do better than that, so Šetkić, as the first holder of the tournament, after a grat turnover celebrated with 6:3 in the third set and with a total of 2:1 in sets won the tournament in the German town of Ismaning.


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