American Corner: Halloween Lecture and Workshop for Kids

halloweenToday in the American Corner in Sarajevo a gathering was held for children in preschool who had the opportunity to listen to an educational and entertaining lecture and to learn something about Halloween customs. After the lecture, a workshop was organized where children had the chance to take part in a fun game.

Halloween, or All Hollow’s Eve, is a holiday on 31 October and is celebrated mostly in the USA, but under the influence of American films it is becoming more accepted in the rest of the world, and in B&H as well.

Today, the holiday is used as an opportunity for children and adults to have a choice of costumes and use their creativity to have a good time. When night falls, children in costumes go from door to door and say ‘Trick or Treat’. This implies that, if they do not receive treats, they are entitled to play tricks such as throwing eggs or flour at windows

Also, tonight in the American corner a masquerade party will be held. It starts at 19:00.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba; Photo: Facebook)

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