Argentinian Media: B&H Team Plays Football Well, Scores Three Goals Per Game

Nogomet-loptaThe Argentinian newspaper ‘Univision Deportes’ writes that B&H is debuting at the World Cup, and noted that this is a team that has quality football players who play in various parts of the world.

Argentina is in group F with B&H, Iran and Nigeria, and the B&H and Argentina will play the first game in this group in June 2014.

‘’In the case of B&H, it is a very young and talented team with stars such as striker Edin Džeko and midfielder Miralem Pjanić. They are participating in the World Cup for the first time in the 21 years of the existence of this team, which was formed after the bloody war’’, writes ‘Univision Deportes’.

The article says that the B&H team scores an average of three goals per match, which, according to this media source, is a sufficient reason to be cautious.

‘’Coach Safet Sušić was named as the best player of all time in B&H, and he will also be remembered as the first trainer who brought his team to the World Cup. He will also be remembered as the trainer who forces a beautiful offensive style of football with an average of nearly three goals per game’’, writes the Argentinian newspaper.

It adds that strikers Edin Džeko and Vedad Ibišević are players of crucial importance ofr B&H because they are ‘very dynamic and represent the most efficient weapon against their opponents’’.

It also writes that players on the B&H team play for well-known clubs such as Manchester City, Rome, Stoke City and Bayer Leverkusen.

However, it notes that the greatest weakness of the B&H team is that they do not have enough players who are ready to play in their first composition, and that it suffers from a chronic lack of classic defensive midfielders.


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