Association The Number of People who need Help is increasing

The Association donated basic food and hygiene products to those who really need help, which they do from the collected donations.

They shared the action on their Facebook profile and emphasized that donations and support mean a lot so that they can help those who really need it.

Every human destiny is a story for itself, and the stories of our citizens to whom we donate food packages every month are difficult and sad, ” it was written on the Facebook Association.

They also shared the life story of Asim Susic from Bihac.

”Asim Susic from Bihac, who you can see in the first photo, lives with his wife Sabina and son in an old family house, often without electricity due to debts.

Nobody in the Susic family is employed, and they survive on what they occasionally earn. Asim’s wife Sabina is in poor health, and no one in the family has health insurance. The house in which they live is old and inherited from the parents who passed away, ”  it was written in the announcement.

In the photos, you can also see Asima, Mira, Aga, Djemila, and Ibra, which the Association also treats with valuable food and hygiene items every month.

Their life stories are also sad, and sometimes it is hard to believe that people can live in the conditions and in the way they live. Therefore, your donations and support mean a lot to us, so we could help those who really need our help. And, unfortunately, there are more and more of them every day, ” it was concluded in the announcement.


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