The Attack of the Enemy Forces of JNA on the Presidency of BiH

25 years ago jna attack presidencyMembers of the former Yugoslav People’s Army and paramilitary forces of the Bosnian Serbs on May 2, 1992, tried to get into Sarajevo from the surrounding hills and occupy the building of the Presidency of BiH in Skenderija, as well as some other important buildings in the city center, such as the Assembly and the Municipality Centar, and to eliminate the leadership of the Republic of BiH.

Citizens of Sarajevo, gathered in the Territorial Defense of BiH, together with special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, confronted them near the former House of JNA, the National Theater, Skenderija, and Vrbanja Bridge.

Decisive battles were fought between 10 AM and 3 PM, there were shootings from automatic weapons, the shells were falling, the city was left without electricity, water, and food, and one of the photos that went around the world was the one where trams were burning.

Around 1 PM, armored vehicles and tanks headed towards the buildings of the Presidency and the City Assembly. Brave but inexperienced and poorly armed defenders – members of the Patriotic League, Vikic’s special forces, reserves of the Police force, as well as members of the newly formed Territorial Defense, confronted them.

The building of the main post office in Sarajevo was set on fire on that same day, and it completely burned down, which resulted in the city left without a telephone connection.

Dramatical events were continued with the arrest of the former President of the Republic of BiH, Alija Izetbegovic, which were carried out by units of the JNA, led by General Vojislav Djurdjevac. Former President Izetbegovic was arrested at the Sarajevo Airport, which was captured by the former JNA, while he was returning from negotiations that took place in Lisbon. He was taken to Lukavica from where was negotiated over Television Sarajevo.

Izetbegovic was exchanged on May 3, in Dobrovoljacka Street, when six people were killed, according to the commander of the 2nd Military Territory, the General of JNA Milutin Kukanjac.

(Source: fokus.ba)


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