Austria: Installation of Memorial Plaque for the victims of B&H in the Mauthausen Memorial approved

Anniversary of liberation of Mauthausen concentration campThe Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria approved the initiative of the Association of Detainees of B&H and the Center of contemporary initiative of Austria for the construction and set up of the memorial plaque for all the victims of B&H in the Memorial of concentration camp Mauthausen.

The Association of Detainees will finance all the costs of making the memorial plaque, which should be set up before the anniversary of the liberation of the camp. The memorial plaque will be officially opened at the memorial ceremony on the 15th of May, as announced from the Association of Detainees of B&H.

Since establishment of a memorial in Mauthausen, all European countries, including the countries that emerged from the disintegration of Yugoslavia have a memorial plaque, according to the statement.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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