Banja Luka string quartet held a concert in Bratunac

String quartet of the Banja Luka Philharmonic Orchestra held a concert today for all lovers of classical music at the hall of the Cultural Center in Bratunac. After the concert, a workshop for young musicians from Bratunac was also held. Violin player Ljubica Crnobrnja said that the concert as well as the workshop with musicians from Bratunac was organized within the project called ”Decentralization of culture and art music in RS”, which is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture of RS.

Crnobrnja also added that the Banja Luka string quartet performed in other municipalities in RS and that the goal of these concerts and workshops is to give citizens of these municipalities the opportunity  to listen to classical music  being played live. Biljana Radulović, Živan Živanović, Dalibor Slavnić and Aleksandar Ševo also performed at the concert in Bratunac.



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