Beautiful Iman Karovic represents B&H at the World Competition in Malaysia (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Iman Karovic, 18-year-old student of the Third Gymnasium in Sarajevo is the new Miss Tourism of B&H, and she will represent our country at the competition Miss World which will take place on the 21st of December in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Iman applied on the competition for the Miss Tourism at the proposal of B&H model Dzejla Glavovic Ocuz. She says that it is a great honor for her to represent B&H at the world competition, and to present the tourist beauty of our country.

“I will do my best as the Miss tourism of B&H to show everything that makes B&H beautiful country, in order for those who are learning about our country to have a beautiful picture about it, as well as the people who are living in it,” said Iman.

The competition for the Miss World will be held at the 31st of December in Kuala Lumpur, and the winner will be announced at midnight.

Iman is preparing for the competition last month with the help of Dzejla Glavovic Ocuz and Jasna Burko, and she travels to Malaysia on the 12th of December.

“On the beauty competition such as this, beauty is not the only factor to which attention is paid. They are observing us constantly, the way we behave is very important, the way we treat other contestants, which school we went to, how many languages we speak, whether we were engaged in humanitarian work, etc. They are seeking for the girl that has to be worthy of the title which she carries, and who will carry the title with dignity and be competent to perform all the tasks that the winner gets,” explained Iman.

Iman added that she has been engaged in additional activities for her whole life: she attended ballet lessons as well as other types of dance, she went to music school, sang in different choirs. Now she dedicated her time, when it comes to the free activities, to modeling, and she is even writing the blog in recent months.

As part of the competition for Miss Tourism, the girls will go through different types of competitions, such as sports competition and talent competition in which our representative chose to sing.

On the final night, when the presentation in evening gowns will take place, Iman will wear a dress by Belma Tvico Stambol, designed especially for this occasion.

(Source: klix.ba)


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