B&H Citizens Now Need Visa to Enter Kosovo

bhpasosThe government of Kosovo decided to introduce visas for citizens of B&H, as a reciprocal measure, since B&H does not recognize travel documents for the citizens of Kosovo, announced Pristina Television KTV.

KTV announced that they had access to the local government’s decision that was adopted at one of the previous sessions, in which Article 6 Section 1 states that B&H citizens have to have a visa to enter Kosovo.

Sources of KTV in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo said that B&H citizens are obliged to have entry visas for Kosovo and can obtain them in the Embassy of Kosovo in Albania.

According to the decision of the government of Kosovo, citizens of countries that need visas are not required to obtain them if they have a Schengen visa for multiple entries ina biometric travel document. The holders of these documents, however, cannot be in Kosovo for longer than 15 days.

B&H and Serbia are the only countries in the former Yugoslavia that did not recognize Kosovo.

(Source: klix.ba)

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