B&H Consulate in Australia Established Award for Best Sculpture

damir_arnautThe honorary Consulate of B&H in Australia, which was established last month in Sydney, established an award for the best sculpture from B&H, which will begin to be awarded next May.

Teaching staff and students of art schools an academies in B&H younger than 40 will be able to apply, and the award amounts to 5.000 Australian Dollars (AUD), and will be given to the artist whose work receives the best assessment from the panel of Australian judges. One copy each of the winning sculpture will be donated to the B&H Embassy in Canberra, the Honorary Consulate of B&H in Sydney, to the artist, and eventually to one B&H institution.

The total cost, which amounts to around to 20.000 AUD a year, will be covered by the Honorary Consul of B&H Christopher May and CWM Gallery, of which May is the owner.

While working on this project, the Ambassador of B&H Damir Arnaut to Australia and the Honorary Consul May discussed the details of other projects for the Honorary Consulate, including the engagement of Australian doctors in health projects in our country, announced the B&H Consulate in Sydney.

(Source: klix.ba)

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