B&H entities are deciding on the charges for plastic bags

The Center of Civil Initiatives, the CCI has delivered additional data that will help the resource entity ministries for the protection of environment in reaching the final decision about the ways of resolving the issues concerning plastic bags in B&H.

The manager of CCI, Siniša Bencun emphasized that a session of the Inter-entity body for the protection of environment will be held during this month, where they will reach a final decision on the ways of implementing the charges for plastic bags. The CCI expects that this decision will be under entity governments’ consideration by the end of March.

The Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of RS have confirmed that they are considering the models that CCI presented to them. They are still considering models that will not jeopardize the economy as well as citizens.

The Federal Ministry of Tourism and Environment will be the host of the next session of the Inter-entity body for the protection of environment. It is expected that this session will take place in the second half of February.


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