B&H Popcorn won Vienna, now moving to the USA!

ownersBosnian bio-popcorns are sold all around Vienna and their expansion on the market of the United States is expected to happen soon.

Sanela and Emina Mandžuka are selling bio-popcorns from their own production in the heart of Vienna, even though, as they say, everyone laughed to their plans.

“When we said that we are looking for location for our store in the center of the city, everyone was laughing at us. Some of the people said that we will never find the space, others that it is way too expensive, the third that competition is too strong, and the fourth that it is especially hard for foreigners to get the location in the first district of Vienna because these places are supposedly reserved for locals,” says Emina Mandžuka in the office of ” Popcorner” right behind the eponymous store.

She put on the table new samples of popcorns that her sister Sanela came up with in the last few months.

“Now we will test them again. We often have popcorns for breakfast here, so this will be another big business breakfast,” said Emina.

popcorns2Together with her sister Sanela, Emina Mandžuka is the head of manufacturing “Popcorner” which produces and sells biological popcorn in Vienna, for which they state that are unique on the entire Austrian market.

Organic corn is exclusively used for these popcorns, as well as the spices and flavors which give a specific taste to these popcorns. There are those with vanilla and wasabi taste, to those with the taste of mint or ginger. They are without lactose and gluten free.



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