B&H Producers to participate on the IMM Furniture Fair in Cologne again

immB&H manufacturers will participate in the IMM Furniture Fair Cologne in the period from the 18th to 24th of January, which will be held in Cologne, Germany.

A total of 8 companies will represent B&H at the fair, and it will be the sixth time for our producers of furniture to introduce themselves to the European public at the Cologne Fair. Following companies announced their participation: Praktik Ltd. Vogosca, Namjestaj/Solidwood Ltd. Gradacac, Minalli Ltd. Sarajevo/Zivinice, Woodteam Ltd. Ilijas, Krivaja Mobel Ltd. Zavidovici, Bosnian Beech Board Ltd. Visoko, Masterwood Ltd. Prijedor and Lignum Ltd. Lopare.

146 thousand visitors from 138 countries visited IMM Cologne 2015, which shows that this is excellent fair and the great opportunity for our companies to present their products to the general European and world public.

Participation of B&H at the IMM Cologne 2016 will be financially supported by the Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H.


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