B&H Statistics Agency: Post-Enumeration Survey from 2-10 November

populationThe B&H Statistics Agency will, in cooperation with entity statistics agencies, on the basis of the Census Law, conduct a post-enumeration survey from 2-10 November.

There will be more than 800 people engaged in the post-enumeration survey, and on this basis the reliability of the results of the B&H Population Census will be assessed.

In addition to members of the commissions formed by local governments, there will be 240 controllers (40 reserved), 120 municipal/city instructors (20 reserved), and 16 entity and 40 state instructors.

The B&H Statistics Agency selected the controllers and municipal/city instructors from a list of candidates that were proposed and submitted by the local government commissions and entity statistics agencies.

The controllers were chosen from the list of enumerators who received the best grades during their work on the census, and the municipal/city instructors were chosen based on the same principle.

During the weekend, state instructors will hold training for members of the local government census commissions, and from 28 to 30 October for the controllers and municipal/city instructors as well.

The post-census enumeration survey will take place in 107 municipalities in B&H in around 16.000 households, with about 50.000 people.

(Source: Fena)

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