BH Team won the Second Place at the World Championship in Futsal for the Police

The team of IPA Sarajevo, which was composed of members of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH, the Border Police of BiH and SIPA, was defeated in the finals of the 18th World Championships of the Police Agencies in Futsal, which was held in Romania this year.

The selection of Ukraine was better than the team of BiH, and the final score was 3: 1. To recall, on their way to finals, IPA Sarajevo defeated teams of Canada (1: 0), Romania Petrosani (2: 0), Estonia (4: 0), France (1: 0), while they played 0: 0 with the selection of the Special Police Unit of Romania.

After they won the second place, the members of IPA Sarajevo thanked the Director of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH Mirsad Vilic, the Director of the Border Police of BiH Zoran Galic, the Director of SIPA Perica Stanic, the Director of the Center for Training of Judges and Prosecutors Arben Murtezic and other sponsors who supported them on the World Championship.

Teams from 24 countries from five continents took part in the World Championship in Romania. This is not the first participation of the team of BiH at this competition. Three years ago, our national team won the first place at the World Championship that was held in Poland, and they also recorded two second and one third place. BiH is a full member of the International Police Association (IPA) since the year of 2006, and the World Championship of Police Agencies in Futsal was held in our country in 2016.




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