Orthodox Believers in Sarajevo united in their Prayers

Mitropolitan of Dabrobosnian Hrizostom served the Holy Archbishop’s liturgy in the Temple of the Transformation of the Lord in the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, on the occasion of celebrating the patron of this church.

Mitropolitan Hrizostom stated that all believers should celebrate this holiday, which is not only the patron of this temple, but of the entire living Church.

“I am glad that the Serbian people feels that Sarajevo is their city and that they can always come here, to celebrate the Transformation of the Lord,” stated Mitropolitan Hrizostom.

Mitropolitan emphasized that this is a new time for establishing good communication and relationships, which is very good.

The Temple of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Novo Sarajevo was designed by Professor Aleksandar Deroko and it was completed back in 1940.

The foundation of the temple is round in shape, and the central space is without any pillars or supporting walls. The symbol of the cross in the foundation of the temple is made of an altar space, doors on the north and west sides, and a niche on the south side of the temple.

This type of a temple architecture is rare and unusual, and thus this temple represents a beautiful architectural whole.

(Source: klix.ba)


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