B&H to purchase Embassy Buildings worth 900,000 EUR?

buildingBy the middle of the next year, B&H will own the new buildings of embassies in the capitals of Serbia and Croatia, for which is provided 900,000 EUR.

As confirmed by Adnan Hadzikapetanovic, Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of B&H, the purchase of diplomatic and consular offices in Zagreb and Belgrade will make significant savings, considering that a large part of the budget is focused on rents and expenses.

“Every purchase of buildings that became the property of B&H represent the savings in the budget, because the average monthly allocations for rents are between 5,000 and 8,000 EUR. When you multiply this with the number of months and years, it is clear how much funds is allocated for rents. We will continue with purchasing of the buildings of diplomatic and consular representations, and we will give priority to our region. In the following period, after the Belgrade and Zagreb, we are expecting to purchase the embassy building in Podgorica, Montenegro,” said Hadzikapetanovic.

At today’s session, the Council of Ministers will prepare the Proposal on the amendments to the decision on the establishment of the commission for the purchase of facilities for accommodation of diplomatic and consular representations of B&H in Belgrade and Zagreb in order to end this job, after part of the former members moved on to new functions.

Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the tendency of the countries in the region is to purchase the buildings of diplomatic and consular representations.

Moreover, B&H has in its possession the embassy building in Amman, in Jordan, the embassy building in Canberra in Australia which was built by the funds of B&H diaspora, as well as the building of the Consulate in Stuttgart.

(Source: klix.ba)

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