BH Weightlifter Adis Karkelja won Three Silver Medals

Adis KarkeljaBH weightlifter Adis Karkelja won three silver medals at the 3rd International Championship held in the Turkish Kemer in the organization of the Islamic Solidarity Sport Federation (ISSF).

Competition in the category of weightlifters up to 94 kilos was among the most interesting events at this Championship.

The first place in all three disciplins won the domestic competitor from Turkey, Semih Yagci, who lifted 150 kg in the snatch and 185 kg in the throw-out. And with the total of 335 lifted kilograms dominantly won three gold medals in those three categories.

Second place, with also all three silver, won the weightlifter from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Adis Karkelja. He lifted 105 kg in the snatch and 125 in the throw-out, and recorded the score of 230 kilograms. Third place won the competitor from Qatar, Khalid Alhamadi, who lifted 70 kg in the snatch and 95 kg in the throw-out.

Mentioned competition was opened on 12th March and finished yesterday, with the competition in the category of weightlifters up to 105 kg and in the absolute category.

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