Biggest Protest in Sarajevo Today Due to Lack of Adoption of Law on JMB

IMG1030The biggest protest so far would take place in Sarajevo today in front of the building of the BiH institution, since more than 5.000 citizens from all over BiH are expected to arrive. They are demanding the immediate adoption of a law on the unique master citizen number (JMB).

The massive gathering will begin at 12:00, and the arrival of students, unemployed people, taxi drivers, representatives of a number of nonprofit organizations, pensioners, etc. has been announced.

A special session of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) is also planned for today, where they will discuss the possibilities for adoption, or the imposition of a necessary law on the JMB.

The protest due to the lack of adoption of a law on the JMB began on 5 June after a number of citizens with private automobiles blocked the exit from the garage of the BIH Parliament, and the direct cause was a three-month old baby Belmina Ibrišević from Gračanica was not able to seek medical treatment abroad because she did not have a JMB. The demand was that Belmina immediately receive her JMB so that she could go abroad for medical treatment.

A large number of citizens immediately joined the blockade, and afterwards they blocked the exits from two buildings. State parliamentarians, people and guests of the Parliament spent a period of time in the building of this state institution and were assisted by police in exiting the building around 4:00 in the morning the next day.

The protestors demand that the law on the JMB be adopted at the state level, and they have sent a request for parliamentarians to reduce their salaries by 30 percent and that the money be invested in a fund for sick children.

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