BiH and China Committed to Strengthening Economic Cooperation

The Chairman of the BiH Presidency Nebojša Radmanović received in Sarajevo today the letter of credence of Dong Chunfeng, the Akreditivi Dong Chunfeng 1newly-elected Ambassador of China to BiH.

On this occasion, Radmanović said that it is important for BiH to have good relations with China, and expressed hope that the arrival of the new Ambassador of China would be a step forward in the development of good bilateral relations between the two countries.

Speaking of the need to improve economic cooperation, Radmanović pointed to the possibility of substantial investment in the electro-energy sector in BiH.

Ambassador Dong Chunfeng said that in the last 18 years, from the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and BiH, the relations between the two countries have successfully developed thanks to the efforts from both sides.

He also added that contacts at a high level are intensifying, and that cooperation in culture, economics and other areas is increasing.

China attaches great importance to the development of relations with BiH, and is ready, together with BiH, to invest more efforts to promote mutual trust, increase cooperation and strengthen bilateral relations based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefits.

He pointed out that the priority in his work will be strengthening of economic cooperation between the two countries.

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