BiH and the International Community โ€“ what is the next Step?

Amendments to the Election Law and partial constitutional changes are intended to achieve a more functional state. Those who threaten the stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) must be sanctioned, and in addition to sanctions, financial measures against those working against Dayton should be considered. All these, however, are just messages, without specific moves by the international community. Will the United States (U.S.) and the European Union (EU) stay passive in the midst of the political crisis in BiH?

The cancellation of the visit of the officials, Palmer and Eichorst, the non-introduction of the announced sanctions, is already being interpreted by the public as the passivity of the international community. However, it is not losing interest in the political crisis in BiH, claims the High Representative (HR) in BiH while speaking for the German media. Christian Schmidt stated the international community must act to prevent BiH from disintegrating.

“The international community now begins to deal with BiH, it is a mistake to believe that nothing in the Western Balkans can pass without explosion and smoke. I am optimistic and I think the EU will find ways to influence Dodik, ” said Christian Schmidt.

And everyone is waiting for that step, besides the EU, the U.S.does not have clear instructions. In an interview with CNN, U.S.Special Representative Gabriel Escobar pointed out that both the U.S. and the EU have two goals – the first to prevent Dodik’s attacks on state institutions, and the second – to return Serb political representatives to state institutions. And still,everything remains unclear: what’s next?

Given the difficult situation in BiH, this is the softest approach taken by the international community and it is wrong, working in a situation where the country is in a tense situation and armed conflict, passing an election law, without radical changes to the Constitution and enforcement of international judgments, ” told Zijad Becirovic, International Institute for the Middle East and Balkan Studies (IFIMES).

Some politicians did not agree to this approach, so, as they said, they “justifiably” withdrew from the negotiations on changes to the Election Law. The priority for them is to unblock institutions.

I would be happy for Palmer and Eichhorst to understand at this moment that our country has more priority issues than whether politicians will sit down and agree to change the Election Law,” mentioned Sasa Magazinovic, Member of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (SDP).

Thus, the situation in BiH is increasingly being analyzed and debated by European parliamentarians, but there are still no clear forces that want to oppose those who are responsible for the political crisis, ” said a professor Hadzidedic.

”Most of the countries, the European administrations in Brussels, as well as Russia, and some private envoys like Palmer and Escobar who do not represent the U.S. policy we have had so far, actually help Dodik to finish the job; and there is Schmidt who helps finish the job (for Covic and Dodik), ” noted Zlatko Hadzidedic, Professor of International Relations in Sarajevo.

The international community has not given up on BiH, primarily because of the interest that possible destabilization in BiH does not disturb the region and even Europe, is the message of theinterlocutors. But, the political crisis is still crying out for more determined and thorough plans to eliminate certain politicians from political life. Until then, instead of in a festive atmosphere, we remain in an even deeper political crisis.



Source: BHRT


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