BiH delivers Judgment in Case of Milorad Gajic

Having held a guilty plea agreement consideration hearing, on November 9th 2018 the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina delivered a judgment in the Milorad Gajic case, finding the accused Milorad Gajic guilty of the criminal offense of Organized Crime under Article 250(2) of the Criminal Code of BiH (CC BiH), as read with the criminal offense of Illicit Trade in Narcotic Drugs under Article 195(1) of the CC BiH. The Court sentenced him to 1 (one) year of imprisonment.

However, pursuant to Article 43 of the CC BiH, the imposed sentence of 1 (one) year of imprisonment shall be replaced by 90 (ninety) work days of community service. The accused shall complete the community service within 1 (one) year of the date when the decision became final. If he fails to complete or only partly completes his community service, the sentence of imprisonment shall be executed in proportion with the amount of uncompleted community service.

The community service type and venue shall be determined by the authorized official at the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, being mindful of the convicted person’s skills and abilities.

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