BIH Will Not Obstruct Construction of Pelješac Bridge

pocetna6BiH will not obstruct the construction of Pelješac bridge because it believes that Croatia, with the adoption of a concept design, will comply to the right of the sovereign state of BiH to have unrestricted access to international waters, confirmed to Fena by the BiH Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The Ministry said that BiH and Croatia would jointly address all possible issues such as the construction of the bridge and that it is unnecessary to raise this much tension in the public over the construction of Pelješac bridge.

BiH and Croatia are two partner countries, and in accordance with relevant UN conventions, BiH has the right to free access to international waters, said the Ministry, and believes that the two neighboring countries and partners would succeed to arrange everything.

When asked what they thought about the request of Neum Mayor on introducing a special lane between Croatia and BiH for the construction of a road to the interior, the Ministry announced that the Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH is not familiar with the initiative of the Mayor of Neum Živko Matuško on this issue.

The BiH Council of Ministers formed an Advisory Team on the issue of resolving the flow of people and goods, and that together with representatives of Croatia is working on a feasibility study for multiple options to connect the south of Croatia, among which is the passage through Neum, where solutions to improve traffic of Neum with the interior of BiH will be solved, said the Ministry.

Regarding the possibility of introducing a separate lane for cars with registration plates from 1 July, the Ministry said that the process of car registration is unique to BiH.

(Source: Vijesti.ba/Fena)

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