BIHAMK: Traffic operating slower due to Snowfall

sarajevo roadsDue to the snow that fell last night, traffic is operating more slowly in some parts of B&H. Pavements are icy and slippery this morning.

There is trodden snow on the roads, mostly in the higher mountain regions, especially on the sections in the western and southwestern part of the country where snow height on the payment is from 2 to 5 cm. Travel services intervene in all places where it is necessary.

Roads with ongoing works are following: M16, 2 Jablanica-Prozor, M-17 Stup-Rajlovac, roads in Mostar area (northern entrance to the city and roads in the city), the loop Blatusa in Zenica and the highway M-5 Sarajevo transit.

According to information by the Border Police of B&H, there is no longer retention at border crossings, as announced by the BIHAMK.

On the occasion of the New Year holidays in FB&H, any transport of explosive substances is banned.

(Source: klix.ba)

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