Bosana in Los Angeles Collected 50.000 Dollars

Bosana_LAThe fifth annual humanitarian collection of the B&H foundation Bosana in Los Angeles is completed. This was the most successful donation collection for education of students in B&H so far with more than 250 guests and 50.000 dollars collected.

Bosana volunteers and the ambassador of this foundation Amra Silajdžić hosted many visitors, among which was the main guest- the Hollywood actress Stephanie Drapea, who has established her own foundation to help people in Thailand. Merima Džeko, sister of our famous football player was there as well and Nađa Kasumović, the winner of Bosana’s competition for the best essay, who won with the essay topic on how to solve the unemployment in B&H. She received a two week trip to Los Angeles as a reward. This is an opportunity for her to tell tell others what Bosana scholarship means.

“Her wish was to come to LA, thus Bosana in this way makes dreams come true, and supports students to be more proactive”, said the founder of this foundation Senita Slipac.

Senita and her colleagues in charge for organization of this event stated that they are very satisfied with the success and they thank all the volunteers, friends, sponsors and others who supported it.

Foundation board awarded Maja Karabeg, the president of the company Authority Partners the first prize for the biggest donation in this five years of operation of Bosana foundation. Next year will open a contest and all those who help B&H and youth in B&H will have the equal chances to win this prestigious award of humanitarian action. The award is designed by the famous B&H artist Edina Selesković.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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