Central Election Commission on 15 May to Announce General Elections in B&H

izboriCentral Election Commission (CEC) in B&H on 15 May will make the decision on the announcement of the general elections in B&H, confirmed CEC for Klix.ba.

CEC will announce elections for the B&H Presidency members, members of the House of Representatives of B&H Parliament, representatives of the FB&H parliament, deputies of the RS National Assembly, representatives of the 10 Cantonal Assemblies of FB&H.

Together with the decision on election announcement, CEC will publish a guidance on deadlines and election activities. It will be precised the period in which can be done the registration of political parties to participate in elections, the period in which can be submitted lists of candidates, the deadline for registration of voters and the deadline for completion of voting list. Also, the deadline for appointment of citizens in the election committees will be set.

General elections in B&H will be held on 12 October.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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