Boško and Admira died together defending their Love 23 Years ago

13162064_1176612132389741_1034306801_nThe Bosniak Admira Ismić and a Serb Boško Brkić knew no obstacles in nationality or religion. They were raised to be humans above all. They were born in 1968 in Sarajevo, and they fell in love at a young age. Boško and Admira were both 16 year old when they became a couple, not knowing that one day they will become the most famous couple in BiH and known throughout the world as well.

Admira’s and Boško’s parents knew about their relationship and supported them. They went to the sea together, to parties, they were inseparable. They had plans for the future, for their life together, wedding, children, their old age… The bloodthirsty criminals without an ounce of humanity decided to destroy their dreams, and dreams of many other people in BiH.

When the war broke out in 1992, Boško’s parents left Sarajevo. His mother Rada begged him to come with them, but Boško did not want to leave his Admira. They believed that the war will be over soon and that the good will win. They did not live long enough to see the end of the war.

Boško’s life in Sarajevo became difficult. Some say that he was mentally violated. Admira and Boško decided that they want to protect their love and leave Sarajevo. In May 1993, there was an agreement between the Army of Republika Srpska and the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina to let this couple pass to the other side of the city, i.e. they were to be allowed to cross the Vrbanja bridge and get to Grbavica, controlled by aggressors.

Admira’s mother Nedreta was crying, and her father Zijo did not want to say anything because he did not agree with their leaving. Nevertheless, Admira did not want to leave her only true love. On May 18, 1993 they were to cross the bridge.

In 1993, the US reporter Kurt Schork, who told the story about their tragic love to the world, wrote for Reuters that governmental and Serb officials agreed to let the couple pass the line of demarcation.

“Boško and Admira were walking at least 500 meters on the right bank of Miljacka, entirely exposed before the soldiers on both sides. After they crossed the line under control of the Bosnian army and headed towards Grbavica under control of Serbs, someone shot them,” Schork wrote.

The sniper shot hit Boško first, killing him instantly. The second bullet shot Admira who, although fatally wounded, managed to crawl over to her Boško, hug him, and breathe out.

Their image went around the world and CNN called them the Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo. Their hugged bodies were at the same place for seven days and no one dared to move them. On the eight day, the Army of Republika Srpska ordered some captives to move them and take them to Grbavica. They were buried at the cemetery in Lukavica. After the war, in 1996, upon the wish of Admira’s parents, their bodies were brought to Sarajevo and buried at the cemetery Lav. There was never an investigation about the murder of Admira and Boško and their murdered was never found.

Admira and Boško are a symbol of Sarajevo, a city that has been a blend of different cultures, religions and nations for centuries, a symbol of coexistence, true love and humanity. The evildoers tried to kill Sarajevo and everything in it. They killed Admira and Boško, but they did not kill their love.

(Source: glamurstar.pw)

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