Bosnian Admir Karic is one of the Best Young Football Players in St. Louis

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] The young Bosnian striker Admir Karic, who currently lives in St. Louis, (USA), is one of the best players in the ranks of the football team Hancock Tigers.

Although football, as the most important secondary thing in the world, is not as popular sport in the United States, there are many young people in recent years who are deciding for this sport, along with the expansion of football in the United States.

Admir, who attends Hancock High School, is an important part of the football team in his high school, especially when it comes to competition in the South Central District of Missouri, where his team is trying to fight for a positive placement. Also, he is a member of the football club Scott Gallagher from St. Louis, where he built an enviable career of young striker.

“I started my football career when I was 9 years old, in 3rd grade, when I went to the first practice on the urge of Dzemil Hamzic, a friend of my father. My first club was called Lasta, and it was a Bosnian club that trained children that are living in the United States, who are originally from BiH. I was probably one of the worst players on the team when I started to train, but hard work definitely paid off,” said Admir.

Together with other BH citizens that are residing in the United States, this young footballer made his first serious steps that led to remarkable career of the attackers in junior teams.

After he learned all the basics of football skills, Admir went to his new club International, where he trained for a year, preparing for a performance in the junior teams. Soon came the invitation to play in the team Scott Gallagher, where Admir plays regularly.

The young striker achieved remarkable success in high school leagues with his team Hancock Tigers, where he was brilliant at the beginning of this month. Admir managed to achieve 10 goals and two assists in just three matches. However, it seems to be just the beginning of anew successful season, since Admir was the most efficient striker with 30 goals scored in 25 matches and 13 assists during the previous season. Because of this success, the young striker has been named for the most valuable offensive player, and has been included in the ideal team of the season in Missouri, according to the Athletic Association and the National Association of Football Coaches of America.

“I have had many accomplishments over the years, and I am very proud, but there is one I will never forget. When we won the title of the county in which we compete last year, I was one of the scorers of his team, which I consider as my greatest achievement so far. I will never forget that day, the people who played with me and celebration after the victory over the team of Bayless,” said Admir.

“My biggest motivation for work is desire to go to a good college with a good career, which offers the chance of developing football skills at the professional level. Also, I would like to help my parents by getting an athletic scholarship, which will give me a free education, and I would like to be part of the football team at the state university in Missouri,” said Admir.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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