Bosnian Court confirmed indictment in Case of Labidi for Joining Foreign Paramilitary


The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed, on 15 May 2020, an indictment charging the accused Hamza Labidi with the commission of the criminal offense of Illegal Establishment and Joining Foreign Paramilitary of Parapolice Organizations under Article 162b (2) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CC BiH).

The indictment alleges that, on 13 June 2014, the accused Hamza Labidi left the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim to join military or paramilitary formation active outside Bosnia and Herzegovina, and that having arrived in Syria, he became a member of several paramilitary formations which formed part of ISIL in the territory of the cities of Raqqa and Haritan.

The indictment also alleges that the accused Hamza Labidi was a member of the said units during the period between 2016 and the beginning of 2019, when he surrendered to the Kurdish forces, after they had captured him in the Syrian territory, whereupon he was deported from Syria to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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