Brussels: Stefan Fule Spoke with the BiH Minister of Security

The European Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule, received the BiH Minister of Security, Fahrudin Radončić, in Brussels. They spoke about the current political situation in BiH.

Commissioner Fule announced that Brussels will offer stronger support to BiH leaders and political parties, and will encourage them to compromise with one another regarding the imminent fulfillment of precise and invariable conditions of the roadmap.

In that sense, Brussels has made it officially clear that there are no new concessions to BiH authorities in meeting its obligations in the “Sejdić-Finci” case.

If the judgment is not carried out until the end of March, and instead of having strategic interests overcome political party calculations for the citizens of BiH, the scheduled 2014 elections in BiH will be seen by the Council of Europe and the EU as not meeting EU standards because human rights of all citizens in BiH will be neglected.

Commissioner Fule told Radončić that the Head of the EU Delegation in BiH, Ambassador Peter Sorensen obtained additional powers and the support of Brussels in the effort to help BiH politicians in finding the necessary solutions that will lead BiH towards the EU.

He also noted that the EU and the US will work together on the reconstruction of the FBiH.

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