Cannon from the Yellow Fortress marks the Beginning of Ramadan

sarajevo ramadan festivalCannon fire from the Yellow Fortress in Sarajevo at 8:23 pm marked the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

As many times before, Ramadan brought special joy into the homes and hearts of Muslims and Ramadan atmosphere could be felt on the streets of the BiH capital last night.

Firing of cannons from hills above cities in the month of piety, contrition and strengthening of interpersonal relationships is a centuries old tradition of Bosnian Muslims. The tradition was banned during the political regime in Yugoslavia, but in 1990s it revived and is cherished ever since.

On every Ramadan night, fire from the cannon in the old Sarajevo settlement of Vratnik marks the time of iftar – the end of all-day long fasting of Muslims.

Ramadan is a month of special devotion, prayer, forgiving, spiritual cleansing and ascension, of intensive interpersonal meetings, and Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to fasting and praying the Tarawih prayer, also read Quran, listen to the readings of Quran along with studying and understanding Quran, and organize joint iftars and sahurs (preparation for the fast)

This is the most superior month in a year, and the holiest night in that month is the Laylat al-Qadr. On that night, the delivery of the God’s word Quran began. Another important night is the Laylat al Badr, a historical event which directed the history of Islam.


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