Canton Sarajevo Assembly Session to be held Tomorrow

The appointment of Government of Sarajevo Canton will proceed according to a regular procedure at the session of the Canton Sarajevo Assembly which is scheduled for December 26th, 2018.

The incumbent Chairman of the Assembly of CS Elmedin Konakovic said that the agreement is reached to hold the session of the Sarajevo Canton Assembly on the same day to determine the draft budget and have a final document of the Budget for 2019 by the end of January of the following year.

“According to my personal impression, a two-time withdrawal of the Budget issue from the procedure so far has not been seen, and it was somewhat shocking. On the other hand, the way the MPs discuss and their capacity, desire to come to solving problems at the first session really encourage us. With its intensive work, we will compensate for the time lost due to the already mentioned procedures, “Konakovic explained.

He underlined the intensification of the financial redirection of funds by the Government of the CS which, emphasizing the problem of material costs and transfers to other levels of government.

Also, the Decision on Temporary Financing of Budget Users in CS and Amendments to the Financial Plan of the Employment Service for covering of retirement costs for GRAS employees, will also be discussed.

Six political parties in the new assembly majority in Sarajevo Canton will definitely need a new government to adopt the budget. Certainly, the outgoing Prime Minister Adem Zolj from Party of Democratic Action (SDA) has no intention of allowing the Assembly to agree on the 2019 Draft Budget, which amounts to a record 928 million BAM.

For the second time, Zolj withdrew the draft budget point from the agenda.

Chairman of the Assembly of CS Elmedin Konakovic warned Prime Minister Zolj that there was a risk of budget withdrawal and that many things would depend on the Sarajevo Canton.

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