Chief of Police of the Brcko District talked about the details of the police action Lobby (Lobi)

Chief of Police of Brcko District Goran Lujić confirmed that after the yesterday’s action of the Brcko police in the building of the Goverment of the Brcko District initiated a realization of activities in the police action code named *Lobby (BHS Lobi) *that lasts for several months, and was founded by the cooperation of Brcko citizens.

Under this action police arrested the head of the Sector for the reform of the Public administration and European Integration in the Government of the Brcko District, Brane Jovičić.

Chief of the Police of the Brčko District stated that under the operation three raids are under way in Brcko and one in the RS because the arrested Jovičić lives in Bijeljina (RS)

Lujic said that the activities are being carried out for three more offenses: abuse of office, for receiving gifts and bribery and for negligent performance of duty.

Mayor of the Brcko District Anto Domić greeted the action of the police.

Domic stated: ” I think that this action will send a clear message to other civil servants that regardless of their reputation and position, they will have to take responsibility for their actions”.


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