Citizens of BiH collected 200 tons of Flour for Syrian Refugees!

pomozi-ba-flourIn the holiday season, when many people rest, volunteers of the association Pomozi.ba are active. They collect help aid that will be delivered directly to Syrian refugees. They are currently focused on the delivery of flour.

Syrian refugees are not alone. People of good will from BiH take care about them.

“At this moment, we already have some 200 tons of flour. Many people are involved, as well as companies, non-governmental organizations, and in a short time we collected those 200 tons of flour. It is planned that the convoy leaves at the end of January, from Sarajevo to the Hatay region, in Reyhanli town, on the border between Turkey and Syria. The convoy should have between 12 and 15 trucks,” said Elvir Karalić, founder of the association Pomozi.ba.

These people have already been in Syria more than three years ago. Then they also delivered aid to the people in the war-affected areas. Their humanitarian work never ends.

“Last year we went to Belgrade, where we organized a campaign similar to this one. This is a bit larger campaign. We have all been through the same things as these people. We know how much they need this, we empathize with them. That feeling cannot be described by words,” said Igor Ambrožić, volunteer of the association Pomozi.ba.

This campaign united the entire country. Aid is coming from all sides and the amount collected exceeded the expectations of organizers.

This campaign will last until January 20, when the convoy will embark on a journey towards the Syrian-Turkish border. There this flour will be used to make bread for those who need it the most – the Syrian refugees.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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