Citizens of Croatia headed in Peace March towards Srebrenica

Twelve Croatian citizens headed yesterday from Dubrovnik on 2019 Peace March to Srebrenica. The March started from the Catholic cemetery at Boninovo where they paid tribute to the victims of the previous war, which will be done in several locations in BiH before they arrive in Srebrenica.

As the President of the Islamic Community in Dubrovnik, Fehim Vukotic said, every year they renew the memory and refer younger generations to the bad things that happened in the 1990s in these areas.

“We are not allowed neither to forget the sacrifices of Dubrovnik and victims of Srebrenica, nor any sacrifice of any nation in these areas. We in Dubrovnik are particularly sensitive to the events in Srebrenica because we have felt the war on our skin,” Vukotic said.

Nihad Alic, president of the “Koraci Mira” association, said that two years ago they visited Vukovar and Srebrenica, and that the idea was born to connect these two locations.

“We are bringing a message of peace, life and love. In this visit, we will also go to Trebinje where we will pay tribute to the great humanist Srdjan Aleksic, in Stolac we will pay homage to Bosniaks, Mostar Old Bridge Victims on both sides and Grabovica victims of Croat nationality,” Alic said.

The road is 520 kilometers long and co-financed by the City of Dubrovnik, whose mayor Mato Frankovic said that after so many years there has been no apology or recognition for genocide in Srebrenica, which, he says, speaks of the severity of the acts that have occurred there.

The March Route will start from Dubrovnik – Trebinje – Stolac – Mostar – Jablanica – Konjic – Sarajevo – Olovo – Zivinice – Kalesija – Nezuk – Potocari, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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