Commercial and investment bank of Velika Kladuša made approximately 1.14 million profit

Commercial and investment bank of Velika Kladuša made a net profit in 2012 year around 1.14 million, which is 40 percent better than the previous year, when net income was 814 000 KM.

According to the report, published in the daily newspapers, earnings per share amounted to 379 BAM compared to 271 BAM in 2011.

Better financial result has been influenced by reduced expenditures of the bank. Total revenue of the bank stood at 6.18 million BAM, which somewhat smaller than in 2011, when it amounted to 6.41 million BAM. Expenses were reduced by approximately 600 thousand and amounted to 4.9 million BAM compared to 5.5 million BAM in 2011.

Net interest income amounted to 1.33 million BAM less than the previous year – 1.5 million. Net fee and commission income decreased slightly since and it stands at 2.99 million in comparison to the estimated 3.1 million BAM of previous year.

The total cost of losses are significantly reduced from 1.41 million BAM to 637 thousand, mostly accounted for the costs of placements 567 000 BAM.

The bank has a capital of 22,578,000 BAM, long-term liabilities amounted to BAM 22,179,000, and short-term to 20,344,000 BAM.

Commercial and investment bank has 3008 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 5,000 BAM per share, and is owned by several private entities. The bank has 71 employees, one more than at the end of 2011 year, four branches and five Exchange.

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