Company EMKA from Germany to take over Bekto Precisa?

The company EMKA from Germany, which has a branch office in BiH where it operates as EMKA Bosnia, recently agreed on the take-over of the company Bekto Precisa from Gorazde.

According to certain information, there were certain negotiations in the previous month for Bekto Precisa to be taken over by an investor from the United Arab Emirates, but that never happened. It was agreed that EMKA takes over Bekto Precisa. Therefore, Bekto Precisa should change its name to EMKA Bosnia soon and continue operating as part of that company.

General Director of German company Fridhelm Runge recently visited Gorazde, and he agreed on all details referring to takeover, although financial details are still unknown since the signing of an official contract is yet to take place.

EMKA Bosnia produces metal and plastic products, i.e. metal-plastic combinations. Moreover, EMKA Bosnia produces parts for the electro industry, auto industry and others.




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