Company Kaletex achieved Great Success: Uniforms for the German Police

kaletexB&H has a long tradition of working in the textile industry and there are several advantages for the development of this economy. The proximity of the European Union, educated labor force, reliable delivery of the contracted goods, as well as high-quality clothing and shoes, are main characteristics of domestic textile industry. One of the positive examples is the company Kaletex from Kalesija, which, is continuously supplying uniforms for a variety of clients, including the Slovenian and the German police, for 15 years.

Director of Kaletex Fikret Suljkanovic said that they are producing pants and jackets for the Slovenian police on the basis of lohn jobs.

“The Company Uniforma from Slovenia is our partner and they ensure the work for us. The lohn jobs are interesting to us, because we have a secure buyer. These uniforms are very expensive and demanding for production. We have long-standing relationship with the company Uniforma and with their support, we are making uniforms for the German police – Bundespolizei, and also for the army of Kosovo,” stated Suljkanovic.

Besides these activities, Kaletex is producing the complete equipment for the employees of the Bingo Company.

“Bingo is our partner, and it practically saved us from the bankruptcy. We have our own collection of T-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas and other items that can be purchased in the retail chain of the Bingo Company,” said the Director of Kaletex.

Fikret Suljkanovic also noted that Kaletex helped B&H during the war, when they sewed the uniforms for the Army of B&H for free.

(Source: K. Silajdzija/

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