How many Unemployed People there are in Republika Srpska?

nezaposleniIn the register of the Employment Agency of the RS, there was 135,115 unemployed persons at the end of November this year, which is 5.2 % less than the same period last year, as announced from the Government of RS. The Government has adopted the Work Program of the mentioned Agency for the year 2016.

“When it comes to the employment of persons from the register, a total of 32,348 people were employed in the previous 11 months, which is 6.7 % more than in 2014,” as noted by the Government.

By the program for the 2016, it is planned to focus activities at active employment policy measures, which should contribute to creation of favorable conditions for employment and an increase in total employment in RS.

A total of 18,336,800 BAM is planned for these measures in the year of 2016, including 15, 1 million BAM that will be allocated for the new employment projects.

At yesterday’s session, the government has authorized the Minister of Education and Culture Dane Malesevic to sign a contract in order to purchase furniture for the dormitory in Banja Luka with the seller consortium “Adria line” from Banja Luka, “Tesla” from Modrica and “Koncept adc” from Banja Luka.

A total of 1,141,240 BAM (with VAT included) is planned for the purchase of furniture, and equipping should be completed by February 2016.

(Source: S.M/ novovrijeme.ba)


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