Concert of Sarajevo band ”Sikter” on 22 February

The concert of Sarajevo band ”Sikter” will be held on 22 February in club Studio1.

Sikter is a band from Sarajevo founded in 1990 and they combine different musical styles from soul, funk to rock’n’roll. It was the first band from BiH that was aired on MTV.

In 1996 they were a backing band to Vasco Rossi, and in 1997 they’ve opened the concert of Irish rock group U2 on Koševo, and in the same year they opened music centre in Mostar.

In 1997 they played on the U2 concert in Sarajevo as an opening act. They are invited to open Pavarotti Music Centre in Mostar and perform with Bono Vox, Jovanotti and Brian Eno. Also they agreed with Brian Eno to came in Mostar and help them to record their debut album. They started to record in the spring 1998 and ended recording of the album by the end of 1998.

During their career they published four albums, and their first one was published in 1998 and in 2009 they released their last album Ego Trip.

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